About Us

Gagan International is a Global Leader in the Design, Engineering, Supply and Turnkey execution of Refinery / Solvent Extraction / Oil Extraction Plants and Oil Mill Machinery worldwide in a variety of industry sectors such as Oils, Fats, Oil Mills By-products and Lube Oil Recycling, Hydrogen Gas Generation. We have projects in over 30 countries in a wide range of capacities. Our core competency lies in providing our customers the best quality technology available today at the most competitive prices globally.

Our Core Values listed below reflects what is truly important to us as an organization. These are values that have not changed since our foundation in 1971 and are the agenda of our company culture.

Gagan International core competency lies in the following areas –

  • Executing all Detailed Engineering based on our technical design
  • Complete Fabrication of all Mechanical Engineering Parts in Gagan International owned workshops or those of our associates
  • Guaranteed Quality Control based on International Industry Standards
  • Superior Technology Services at the most competitive global prices
  • Providing our customers with Innovative Solutions, Reliable Service, Consistent Quality and Life-long Relationships
  • Our plant is fully PLC controlled, run by single computer.


Rakesh Goyal

Mr. Rakesh Goyal (Chairman)
Gagan International has carved a position for itself in the market. Our mentor, Mr. Rakesh Goyal having 50 years of rich Experience in Oil Mill Machinery and company was founded in 1971.

Mr. Rakesh Goyal have administrative dynamism behind the success of the corporation. His business practicality and senses have encouraged all the team to work hard and achieve the organizational goals and objectives.

Gagan Goyal

Mr. Gagan Goyal (Managing Director)
Gagan Goyal Graduate in International Marketing & having more than 15 years of rich experience in planning, quality up-gradation of the entire organization, expanding markets,and management of systems he has left no stone unturned in taking the organization to the zenith of success.

Technical Breakthroughs

Meeting the difficult challenges with the growing pace of development in todays world is very difficult. But we accepted this challenge and with the help of our intensive research, we are able to develop our competent machines. We keep ourselves continuously updated with the breakthroughs or developments taking place in the industry and then develop a solution and machinery with respect to the development.

Our specialty to execute a complete project, used in the following:


Detail Engineering based on our in-house technology and our Technical Design Partners / Collaborators.


Process design to ensure optimum use of field equipments (mechanical, electrical, etc.).


We have in-house manufacturing arrangement for most of the items supplied by rest of the items(like pumps, motors, gearboxes, chains, structure, etc.). We supply as bought-outs that too from well reputed vendors.

Inspection / Quality Control

Inspection / Quality Control:
We guarantee all the aspects of quality control based on International standards.


Shipment / Transportation / Custom:
While export we are well aware of all the formalities to ensure smooth & safe transportation of goods to the end user.

Site Erection / Installation

Site Erection / Installation:
We provide our best Engineers appointed for the particular job so as to get the best quality work done at end user’s site.


Commissioning and Handover:
Our Engineers not only commission the plant and meet the performance guarantee parameters. Also they give requird training to the customer’s personnel so as to ensure smooth operation of the plant. This is to ensure life-long relationship with our reputed customers.



Gagan International has been awarded the prestigious ISO certification. This certification is one part of the full assurance that we provide to our customers that we meet internationally recognized standards for integrity and competence, further enabling new customers to deal with us with confidence and trust. The Transpacific Certification Committee audit certifies that Gagan International conforms to the Quality Management Standard in the Design, Engineering, Supply and Turnkey execution of projects worldwide for Vegetable Oils & Fats, Oleo-Chemicals & Oleo-Resins, Fatty Acid Technology, Palm Oil Mills, Phytochemicals, By-product Recovery and Spice & Herbal Extraction.

Gagan International internal procedures continually monitor all key processes within our business to ensure that we are able to provide effective service to our customers. We facilitate this continual improvement by regularly reviewing the quality of work that we provide, by flexibly adapting to new circumstances and by implementing system-wide corrective action where required immediately.


Around 35,000 sq. yard area which comprises of workshop, manufacturing unit, production plant, ware- house, corporate office. Having around 100 technical & non-technical staff. Plus around 300 workers in production and manufacturing unit working under three shifts. With the latest and most modern machinery we assure to build / produce a quality product for our Customer.

The manufacturing process that is carried out at our manufacturing unit is very complex which involves 8 unique stages. Our oil expeller presses are made up of 200 different spare parts that are assembled together to form one machine. This kind of assembly makes our equipment unique, that has a reputation of being robust, high quality, versatile and operationally profitable.

We have a pool of highly qualified engineers who are capable of undertaking almost any kind of project. We have a talented team of service engineers to install and provide efficient after sales services to our clients to ensure smooth operations for years.

Packaging, Shipment and Delivery

We offer fastest delivery services among all our competitors in our line of products. While manufacturing a completely new product, which is fully customized to order or in some odd lot size, we take full measures to produce it on prespecified time.

Special kind of packaging assures safe delivery of machines to our clients. We offer packaging in wooden cases, cardboard boxes and bubble wraps which is done in confirmation with our client.


Certifications &
Global Participation

  • Southern African Base Metals Conference - Africa 2015
  • Intertex Milano - Milan, Italy
  • SAIA Convention & Expo - Chicago, USA